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A look back at 2017

Click here to view the 2017 video.


Borders Handicap Badminton Tournament

Over the past few years it has become increasingly difficult to run the Borders Badminton League in its current form with several fixtures being cancelled.

The committee has therefore decided to try something different this season. It is proposed to run a handicap tournament once a month on a Sunday afternoon, restricted to members of badminton clubs in the Borders. The committee can now confirm the following tournament dates:-

14th October, 2018

18th November, 2018

20th January, 2019

17th February, 2019

17th March, 2019

The Sunday afternoon tournaments will commence at 1-30pm in the main games hall at Earlston High School. Each tournament will be played to a conclusion on the day of the tournament so players do not need to worry about not being available for a particular tournament date.

Players will be given a handicap at the start of the tournament. Players will play with a different partner in each game with each game being played to 21 points. Only one game will be played with each partner. Games will comprise level and mixed doubles only. At the start of each game the handicaps of each pairing is added together and that will be the handicap used in the game. After each game the points that each player scores will be added to their overall score. Players do not necessarily need to win each game to win the tournament or be runner up. Handicaps will normally be adjusted after each tournament but may also be adjusted during the tournament by the tournament referee. The tournament entry fee will be £5/player. The tournament will be open to anyone age 16, or older. Each player will play the same number of games on the day of the tournament with the top two lady and gent scorers emerging as winners and runners up.

Please download the poster and share it with your club members. It is important that details of this new handicap tournament are circulated to ALL the clubs in the Borders.

To enter the tournament in October please either add your name to the event that has been created on Facebook or add your name below the Facebook thread using 'Comment' before the end of September to allow the committee to meet and set the initial handicaps. Clicking 'Like' will not be taken as your intention to play in the tournament. Alternatively, please inform any member of the committee before the end of September that you would like to enter the tournament.

Click here to download poster.



Glasgow U17 Junior Championships - September, 2018

Several players from the Borders entered the recent U17 Glasgow Junior Championships held at Craig Reedie Badminton Scotland Centre, Glasgow on 8th & 9th  September.

In the boys singles, Callum Smith (1) won the final 21-17, 22-20 against Michael McGuire (3/4). Callum Stokes lost to Fraser Sheriff (5/8) 21-19, 21-10 in the 2nd round. Isaac Weir lost to Lewis Hart (5/8) 23-21, 22-20 in the 2nd round.

In the girls singles, Jodie Black (3/4) lost the final to Lindsey Ireland (2) 21-12 21-19.

In the boys doubles, Callum Smith & his partner Calum Flockhart (1) won the final 21-10, 17-21, 25-23 against Kenneth Cheung & Michael McGuire (2). Isaac Weir & his partner Lewis Hart (3/4) lost to Callum Smith & Calum Flockhart (1) 21-7, 21-12 in the quarter finals. Callum Stokes & his partner Joseph Carlyle lost to Marc Graham & Fraser Sheriff (3/4) 14-21, 21-14, 21-17 in the quarter finals.

In the girls doubles, Jodie Black & her partner Eilidh McCallister (3) lost to the 2nd seeds Jodie Harris & Erin Waddell 21-12, 21-13 in the semi finals.

In the mixed doubles, Callum Smith & his partner Erin Waddell (2) lost the final 21-8, 21-19 to the 1st seeds Michael McGuire & Alice Campbell.

Jodie Black & her partner Lewis Hart lost to Michael McGuire & Alice Campbell 21-12, 21-19 in the quarter finals. Isaac Weir & his partner Brooke Stalker lost to Jodie Black & Lewis Hart 21-16, 20-22, 21-19 in the 1st round.

Well done to Jodie Black who reached the final of the girls singles and to Callum Smith who won the boys singles & doubles and who reached the final of the mixed doubles and to all the other players who played in these championships.

Click here for other junior tournament photos.

Please click on either of the photo's or the link below the photo's to see a selection of junior tournament photographs.


RP Adam
Riverside Road

Borders Badminton Group Sponsorship

Dear Sirs

At the end of your very kind 3 year sponsorship of £500 per annum towards the costs of hiring facilities for our Borders badminton squad training and competitions, I write to extend our sincere thank you for your invaluable support, the sponsorship made a huge difference to our funds and took so much pressure off our expenditure.

As a group we are looking forward to the start of the season and encouraging more young players into the life long sport of badminton.

Please feel free to follow us on our website and Facebook page.

Once again, thank you so very much for your sponsorship and support.

Kind regards

Christine Wylie
Borders Badminton Chairperson


Borders Badminton Group Sponsorship

The Group would like your help in securing sponsorship for the forthcoming season. If you are aware of any local individuals or companies that you feel may be willing to sponsor the Group, the committee would appreciate your help by sending them a copy of the following letter. The letter can be downloaded in PDF format using the following link. Thank you.

Click here to download the sponsorship letter.

Season 2018-19

1st Aug 2018

Borders Badminton Group Sponsorship

I am writing to you regarding a sponsorship opportunity within the Borders Badminton Group.  Our group has been in existence for more than 30 years and we support and promote Borders Badminton to all age groups. Our main aim is to coach performance and development squads aging from 8-17 year olds, primarily at club level with a main focus on support for our junior players.  The Group play competition level badminton representing the Borders at a number of competitions outside the Border region, for example Tyneside, Lothian, Perth, Glasgow and Wishaw.  The group also organises Primary and Secondary School Competitions within the Borders, to enable all abilities to play, join in and compete.

Over the years many of the Borders squad players have gone onto compete at National level which is a great honour for the region, players, families, their schools and clubs.

We have previously never been in the position where we have had to seek sponsorship to aid with the costs of the hall hire and shuttle fees for training, but five years ago badminton lost its target sport status within the Borders which meant we have lost an annual income of £3,000.  This has proved a hard blow to the Borders but following this Borders Sports councils have retracted funding for groups and prefer to aid individuals and clubs.  This means the loss of £300 from the 4 sports councils leaving us with the only income this year from parents or guardians of the players (who already support with travel and sports equipment costs). 

The types of annual costs are: our hall fees are approx £1100; shuttles cost £600; competition entry can cost up to £4000 alone to allow three different age groups the opportunity to participate.

We have previously been privileged to receive a three year sponsorship which covered a partial cost of the hall rental, this has now come to an end.  A local Border sponsor has generously sponsored our trophies (and also supports with coaching within the group).  Administration costs are also provided by another local company (along with more coaching support).  All of which have been greatly received. 

As a group we fully appreciate the Scottish Borders is one of the most generous (and active) areas in Scotland when it comes to sports sponsorships.  Borders Badminton can offer great exposure for a local brand, with shirt logos, press coverage post events, along with club and interclub social media coverage.   If you would like more information on our organisation, please feel free to make contact with us.

Yours faithfully

Christine Wylie

4 Camptown, Jedburgh, TD8 6PN 07989 584968

Borders Badminton Group Chairperson and Coach


Season 2017/2018

Season 2017/2018 has now been archived but you can still access all the competition results, photo's and videos from last season using the following link.

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Season 2016/2017

Season 2016/2017 has now been archived but you can still access all the competition results, photo's and videos from last season using the following link.

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Season 2015/2016

Season 2015/2016 has now been archived but you can still access all the competition results, photo's and videos from last season using the following link.

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Season 2014/2015

Season 2014/2015 has now been archived but you can still access all the competition results, photo's and videos from that season using the following link.

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Season 2013/2014

Season 2013/2014 has now been archived but you can still access all the competition results, photo's and videos from that season using the following link.

Click here for season 2013/2014.


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