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Border League Video Archive

2017-2018 Season

Berwick v Duns (November, 2017)

Jedburgh v Duns (October, 2017)


2016-2017 Season

Duns v Hawick (March, 2017)

Berwick v Jedburgh (March, 2017)

Hawick v Jedburgh (February, 2017)

Duns v Berwick (February, 2017)

Hawick v Berwick (January, 2017)

Duns v Jedburgh (January, 2017)

Hawick v Duns (December, 2016)

Jedburgh v Berwick (December, 2016)

Berwick v Duns (November, 2016)

Jedburgh v Hawick (November, 2016)


2015-2016 Season

Duns v Hawick (March, 2016)

Hawick v Jedburgh (February, 2016)

Duns v Berwick (February, 2016)

Hawick v Berwick (January, 2016)

Duns v Jedburgh (January, 2016)

Hawick v Duns (December, 2015)

Jedburgh v Hawick (November, 2015)

Jedburgh v Duns (October, 2015)


2014-2015 Season

Hawick v Jedburgh (February, 2015)

Duns v Berwick (February, 2015)

Hawick v Berwick (January, 2015)

Duns v Jedburgh (January, 2015)

Hawick v Duns (December, 2014)

Jedburgh v Berwick (December, 2014)

Jedburgh v Hawick (November, 2014)

Berwick v Duns (November, 2014)

Berwick v Hawick (October, 2014)

Jedburgh v Duns (October, 2014)


2013-2014 Season

Duns v Hawick (March, 2014)

Hawick v Jedburgh (February, 2014)

Hawick v Berwick (January, 2014)

Hawick v Duns (December, 2013)

Jedburgh v Hawick (November, 2013)

Berwick v Hawick (October, 2013)


2012-2013 Season

Hawick v Berwick (March, 2013)

Duns v Hawick (February, 2013)

Hawick v Jedburgh (January, 2013)

Hawick v Duns (December, 2012)

Jedburgh v Hawick (November, 2012)

Berwick v Hawick (October, 2012)







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