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Scottish Borders Coaches

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  Christine Wylie

Christine started playing badminton at around 9 years of age at the Burgh primary School in Galashiels. Being taught, as you were in those days, by teachers who also enjoyed the game of badminton. Her after school club was run then by Mrs Colvine. Moving onto the Galashiels Academy, she played badminton two afternoons a week, fitting it in between all the other after school sports. Christine was coached at Galashiels Acadamy by Mr Proudfoot. Christine explains, "Once you saw the height of Mr. Proudfoot you learnt to serve low very quickly!" Mr Proudfoot was her inspiration in badminton. He encouraged school home and away matches, which were a great way to meet life long friends in a very social sport. Christine played in many church halls in Gala, and when she married and moved to Jedburgh in 1985 she joined the Jedburgh Badminton Club.

Christine explains, "Jedburgh then played in the Hawick league where 8 teams playing every Friday night on a home and away basis over the season, and we had many social evenings. I first played in the Border League for St Cuthberts church at the age of 16. Not the first division by any means but a great learning experience. I can't remember a time when I didn't play badminton, it's a great sport to have been involved in."
Christine qualified as an instructor around 1994, but she never put the qualification to use until a few years ago when Harry Turnbull asked her to join him in starting the Borders Development Squad which now runs in Jedburgh on a Friday evening. Christine explains, "It's great to be learning the game all over again by attending courses and passing the new skills onto the kids but also making sure they enjoy the game." 


Gordon McLean


  Harry Turnbull

Harry started to coach badminton to his daughter Laura and some of her friends, approximately 20 years ago.

Over the years Harry has continued to coach any youngsters willing to attend his sessions on Tuesday evenings at Hawick High School main games hall and on Friday evenings at Jedburgh Grammar School main games hall.

Harry explains, "I missed out on junior badminton when I went through the school system in Hawick and never started playing the game until the 5th year at the High School. Over the years I've coached many youngsters. I was very proud to have coached Ewan Godfrey to winning the Borders Schools under 16's Boys Singles Title for two consecutive years. Badminton is a great fun game to play and it's a pity that the game does not form part of the curriculum in some primary schools in the Scottish Borders. I would like to see a coach in every school but that is simply not possible."


Lynn Young

Lynn first got involved with Badminton when she was about 5? She used to go with her Mum and Dad to the Drill hall in Berwick. This was a very old hall next to the Barracks in Berwick. It was a two court wooden hall . You used to go upstairs to sit for your teas. There were some amazing sandwiches which 'Maud and Maisie' used to make- the scrambled egg was her favourite., if she was lucky she would get a shot of playing at the end of the long late days...but she loved being part of it all. Her mum played for Coldstream and her Dad played for Kelso so that they could overcome the babysitting issue - training was on different nights! Soon her brother began to play too.

Lynn and her big brother played in Kelso where they were coached by Jim Cockburn who is still a firm family friend. Fortunately for Lynn Jim knew that there was a small group of kids who could not make up one whole team in the adult C division and so he and Bill Dougal (Berwick stalwart) put together a mixed team. They played really well and met players from all over, you never knew from one week to the other who you were gong to be playing with or against.

Lynn was a bit of a tomboy and she remembers getting ragged stupid about wearing a white skirt and frilly knickers (as the female players did in those days). Not Lynn! She wore the skirt but wore royal blue Adidas running pants - there was no way she was going to wear frilly knickers!!.

Lynn loved going to coaching in Kelso and only got chosen to play for the Borders once in Airdrie where she was way out of her depth and got beat in every match! She played in the adult leagues but in the 'C' Division where there were a lot of the younger players playing. There were open mixed competitions where you were drawn with a complete stranger and also handicapped tournaments, just like in Golf where you start ahead or behind your opponents on points. Lynn remembers being scared stiff of playing folks like Robbie Burns, Brian Punton and her brother Bill Elliot who would smash the shuttle down really hard at you. Both her mum and brother became badminton coaches and ran the Kelso club way back. So you could say that she comes from a badminton family. Lynn explains, "My husband played in the same team as my MUM!! so she knew him before me (and she still let me marry him!!!) ."

Once Lynn got involved in hockey she did not play so much badminton but she wished she had. Although she has taught Badminton through her PE teaching she only came back to coaching about 12 years ago when she started up the Kelso junior badminton club again after a 2 year gap. Lynn got involved with the Borders Squad when her own 2 children were chosen. Since then she has met some 'older' badminton friends, players and coaches. Lynn explains, "One of the players whom I coach is the grandson of a lovely man I once won a competition with. I now play against his daughter in the adult league sometimes when teams are stuck!! I coach in Kelso and with the Border squads and I'm on the committee helping to run things. I go to Scottish meetings which are quite an eye opener as I have to keep them right with how it is for us but I also learn what they have to do and what it is like for their elite players."

Although Lynn is pretty 'sporty' Badminton has always been a lifelong love for me. She loves when her family plays on holiday together as there is great rivalry between them. Her kids can beat their parents easily now. The family dog likes to chase after the shuttle when they play in the garden, even although it is high up in the air.

Lynn has put her name down to be a Badminton volunteer for the Glasgow Commonwealth games. Lynn helped at the 1986 games in Edinburgh when she was 19 and a PE student. Lynn explains, "We were involved with the opening and closing ceremonies as well as hostesses to the VIP's and participants working in the village. So I hope I'll be able to watch and be involved in a lot more badminton this year again and in the years to come. It is a great game to play!!"


  Stacey Patterson

Stacey Patterson (DOB 17.07.76). Stacey started playing badminton whilst at Primary School. She attended Duns Badminton Club where she was coached by Pete Hardie. Stacey stopped playing badminton when she was about 13 or 14 and returned to the game about 8 years ago. She attended the Club as a social player and due to her love of the game she gradually became involved in the Junior training sessions. Stacey completed the UKCC Level 1 Coaching Award in 2008. She now plays in the Borders Badminton League and Berwick Badminton League and is currently the Border League Secretary for BBG.


Audrey Rae




  Myra Younger


Grant Purves

Grant played a little badminton as a junior and played in the Berwick league. He took a break from badminton until his daughter was aged to play. Grant took his daughter to the Duns club and he got involved in coaching from there. He coached all age groups and standards at Duns and Borders badminton for around 10 years. He currently assists with coaching of the U13 national squad in Edinburgh two nights a week.


  Dave Burns

Dave started playing badminton at school and attended Duns Badminton Club, where he was coached by 'Badminton Coaching Supremo' Pete Hardie. Dave used to play in both the Berwick and Borders Badminton leagues and for Duns Tennis Club in Division 1 of the Borders Tennis League.


He was an active committee member of Duns Badminton Club for many years, until taking a break from badminton for a number of years, due to family commitments. He returned to badminton about 4 years ago when his children became interested in badminton much to his joy.

Dave has been a qualified coach for 20 years and is currently a UKCC Level 2 coach and a recently qualified tutor. He is currently working with senior tutors at Badminton Scotland in the delivery of UKCC level coaching courses. He is hoping in the near future to attain his Level 3 coaches qualification, which will be delivered in Scotland for the first time in the next 6 to 12 months.

Dave is currently coaching at Duns Badminton Club and is also a Borders Badminton coach/selector and was also one of the badminton coaches at the recent Borders Sports Academy. Dave is also a professionally qualified UKRSA racket stringer, stringing all types of rackets.
  Alan Oliver







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