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Duns Primary Schools Championships - 2014

The annual Duns primary schools championships was held at Berwickshire High School Games Hall, Duns on Saturday, 1st March, 2014.

There were more than 50 players from all over the Borders playing singles and doubles, with just over 170 games played in total throughout the day. The club is grateful to Pete Hardie for making the tournament run smoothly, chairman David Rhind for presenting the trophies, Petlie Engraving of Duns for their continued support, Harry Turnbull (photography and video), as well as the parents, committee and secondary club players.

Boys Singles:

Winner: Callum Smith (Greenlaw)
Runner up: Isaac Weir (Duns)

Boys Doubles:

Winners: Callum Smith & Tyler Smith (Greenlaw)
Runners up: Isaac Weir & Callum Stokes (Duns)

Girls Singles:

Winner: Jodie Black (Eyemouth)
Runner up: Iona Fox (Peebles)

Girls Doubles:

Winners: Jodie Black & Iona Fox
Runners up: Ushika Kidd & Indie Lucas (Coldingham)

Best Boy (based on overall conduct):

Duncan Crowe (Coldingham)

Best Girl:

Jessica MItchell (Peebles)




Boys Singles Final


Girls Singles Final


Boys Doubles Final


Girls Doubles Final


Photographs by Harry Turnbull

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